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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bike Hire in Perth. Short Term or Rent to Own.

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Ride the Tour de Living Room


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Sit Down and Get Fit


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Gentle on the Knees


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Exercise Bike Hire in Perth. Short Term or Rent to Own.

Do you enjoy cycling? Do you want to get fit right now? Riding a bike is great exercise. If your gluteus maximus could benefit from some toning to maximize your appearance or if you simply want to get in better shape, contact All-Set Rentals today to get an exercise bike for hire in Perth, WA.

If you get an exercise bike rental, you can enjoy bike riding without the dangers of being hit by a car or running into a suddenly opened car door. You can go as fast as you want without breaking the law or putting your life in danger. From home, you can build your endurance even when the weather outside is too uncomfortable to go for a bike ride. You can control your environment completely. Never worry about getting soaking wet. Too hot? Use a fan. Too cold? Turn up the heat. A hired exercise bike is perfect to use while watching television as you can enjoy your shows without the guilt of becoming a couch potato.

Depending on your preferences, you may want to try hiring a recumbent bike. A recumbent bike is easier on your joints so it might be better for people who have a sports injury to their knees or want to avoid one. We have several models of bicycles, including recumbent bikes, and one of our experienced sales staff can advise you on which exercise bike for hire will best suit your needs and budget.

A hired exercise bike has several advantages over going cycling on the road. You are not a risk of being hit by a car, nor are you breathing in car exhaust, so it is all round better for your health and fitness. In addition to the safety benefits, you can control your settings with a quality hired exercise bike. This also means that you can track your progress. Get ready to burn those calories by choosing an exercise bike to hire for your Perth, WA residence today.

To hire an exercise bike in Perth call All-Set Rentals. The arrangements can typically be made over a five minute phone call and the hired exercise bike can be delivered to your home the next day.