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Treadmill Hire in Perth. Short Term and Long Term Rentals.

Get in Shape at Home. Lowest Prices, Call Us For a Quick Quote & Fast Delivery.
If You Buy Your Treadmill in the 1st 6 Months, Get a Full Rental-Rebate.
The Exercise and Fitness Solution for you.  All-Set Rentals, 50 Years Serving Perth.

Treadmill Rental in Geraldton


Available on a 12 mth min
Available on a 36 mth min

Rent To Own EVO EV522T

Healthstream EVO EV522T

Available on a 6 mth min
Available on a 3 mth min
Treadmill Hire in Perth. Short Term and Long Term Rentals.

If you want to get started on an exercise program to improve your health and fitness and you live in Perth, Western Australia, don`t look for excuses, look to All-Set Rentals. Our well-established company offers a selection of quality treadmills for hire in Perth, WA so you can start burning calories are toning muscles right away.

Going to the gym to exercise can be time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. Buying a treadmill means finding the money to make this large purchase in addition to potentially large shipment fees to deliver the product to Perth. You might use this as an excuse to delay your exercise program. With one quick call, you can have a treadmill rental in your Perth home tomorrow.

Our company prides itself on providing several quality treadmill models to choose from at reasonable prices. There are a range of prices to fit your budget and exercise needs. Hiring a treadmill in Perth is easy and hassle-free.

To get started on your exercise program, by contacting All-Set Rentals for a free consultation on your treadmill hire. Our experienced and knowledgeable representatives will help you select the model that is suitable for your needs and make the arrangements to deliver fitness equipment you have hired to anywhere in Perth, WA.