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Rowing Machines

Rowing Machine Hire in Perth. Short Term and Rent to Own.

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Rowing Machine Hire in Perth. Short Term and Rent to Own.

All-Set Rentals hires fitness equipment to many Perth area clients. One of our popular types of gym equipment is rowers. Rowing machines offer great workouts and are a great choice for hiring. We have many models of rowers for hire, including ones that can be converted into recumbent bicycles and others that have a water-filled flywheel. With a water-filled flywheel, you experience the resistance of water with each stroke, just as if you were in your rowing boat on the water. Also, you hear the gurgle of the water as you pull. Of course, we also rent out more standard type rowing machines, just like the ones you would find in a commercial gym.

When you hire a rowing machine from All-Set Rentals, you can take advantage of our Rent-to-Own option. With this option you can hire a rower until you want to buy it, and then apply some (and sometimes all!) your rental fees towards the purchase price. That is, you get all the convenience of renting, until you choose to buy, and get to save money doing so.