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Short Term Hire of Portable Refrigerated Air Conditioners in Perth at Low Rental Rates.

Hire an Air-Conditioner Fast with No Hassles. Hire Today, We'll Deliver Tomorrow or you can collect from Bayswater! 
Low short Term Rental Rates.  A 5-Minute Call for Next Day Delivery & Installation. All-Set Rentals Serving Perth 50 Years.

Powerful airflow. Now 60% quieter.


Available on a 12 mth min
Available on a 36 mth min

Rent to own Teco Air Con


Available on a 3 mth min
Available short term plus delivery

Rent to own an air conditioner


Available on a 3 mth min
Available short term plus delivery

During the summer months, it can get quite hot in Perth, WA. But the hot weather doesn`t last all year round, so why buy an expensive air conditioning unit when you can hire an air conditioner in Perth through All-Set Rentals.

We have several different models of portable air conditioner for hire here in Perth, so you can choose to hire the most suitable for you. Some of the factors you will want to consider when choosing which air conditioner to hire include the size of the room you want to cool, and whether you need a unit that can heat as well as cool a room. When a hot day is followed by a cool night, you will want your bedroom temperature controlled by an air conditioning unit that can both heat and cool.

Anyone planning to stay for a short period of time may also want to consider an air conditioner hire while in Perth. Perhaps you are a student on exchange, working a short term contract, or just visiting, but regardless, you will want to be able to control the temperature around you. Buying an AC unit might be a little too extravagant, but certainly a hired AC unit is a good thing to have and will make your stay much more comfortable.

Whether hiring for yourself, a loved one, or visitor, go with a portable air conditioner for hire in Perth, WA, from All-Set Rentals. We have many excellent models for you to choose from, and we usually can make sure your hired AC unit is installed within a day of your calling us.