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Gas Heaters for Hire in Perth from All-Set.

Rent a Portable Gas Heater Fast with No Hassles. Hire Today, We'll Deliver Tomorrow or You can Collect from Bayswater. Lowest Rental Rate. A 5-Minute Call & we set it up for you Tomorrow. All-Set Rentals Serving Perth 50 Years.
Dyson Fan

The only fan heater with Jet Focus control


Available on a 36 mth min

Rent to own gas heater

25mj Gas Heater

Available on a 3 mth min
Available short term plus delivery

18mj or 21mj Gas Heater

Available on a 6 mth min
Available short term plus delivery
Gas Heaters for Hire in Perth from All-Set.

Make the cold months of the year more bearable by choosing to rent a gas heater for your Perth home or business. Don`t suffer in the cold and don`t waste your money buying a heater you only need for a few months each year when you can hire what you need. Contact All-Set Rentals: we have the best gas heater for you to hire.

Sometimes you only need to warm one room in your home but want to avoid the expense of turning on the central heating system. In some cases, you want one room to be extra warm, such as a room where children, senior citizens or people recovering from an illness are staying. In other cases, you may want to heat an outdoor tent or patio for an event such as a wedding or other special occasion. These kinds of problems can be solved by picking the right gas heater to hire in Perth, WA, from us. We have a range of gas heaters for you to choose from at reasonable prices.

By getting a gas heater rental, when the weather starts to get warm again you don`t need to worry about storing this equipment or making monthly lease payments for equipment you are not using. If you have hired heating equipment, you can easily return it when you are not using it.

A hired heater is also a good option to motivate employees and keep them productive. Hiring a heater is a great way for a manager to show employees how important they are to the company and keeping productivity high. A heater available in the office on a cold day makes the working conditions that much more pleasant.

When the weather starts to get cold, call All-Set Rentals right away to hire the heating unit you need to keep your home or business in Perth, WA, comfortable. Our hassle-free service means it only takes a five minute call to arrange for a gas heater rental for your Perth home or business and have the equipment you need delivered the next day.