Power Ranger Electric Wheelchair

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Power Ranger Electric Wheelchair

The Power Ranger is a NEW kind electric wheelchair, which can be easily folded, without needing to be disassembled.

* Light - aluminium-alloy frame, only 26.5kg with batteries.
* Portable wheelchair, when folded, can be put in most cars.
* Small - folded size 77 x 26cm with flip-up footrest.
* Strong -7003 Aluminium-alloy frame safely carries 136kg.
* Perfect indoors, can turn on the spot.
* Perfect outdoors, variable speed to 6kmph, 25km range.
* Mode Switching - electric and manual mode switching.
* Safe - solid front and rear tyres –puncture proof
* Overall width 59cm,  Seat width 48cm. 
* Maximum time to reach a full charge is 6 hours.

Can stand stably when folded and has an intelligent electromagnetic brake, hold on hills, stops when joystick released.

If you enjoy your Rental of the Power Ranger Electric Wheelchair, we sell these in Perth too, in a range of colours.

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