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Knee Walkers

Hire a Knee Scooter from All-Set Rentals.

Short Term or 6 Weeks. Many Models to Choose From. Light, Strong, Folding, Brakes and Seat.
Pickup from Bayswater. Various models.  We also Sell Knee Scooters.
All-Set Rentals Serving Perth for 50 Years.

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Knee Walker

Knee Walker

Available on a 6 week min
Available short term plus delivery
Hire a Knee Scooter from All-Set Rentals.

If you or someone you know has recently suffered a lower leg injury, but they still want to maintain their freedom and mobility, consider renting a knee walker. All-Set Rentals hires out a wide variety of mobility equipment, including several models of knee walkers. A knee walker provides the stability and support to make your time protecting your lower leg as comfortable as possible. You can rest your knee on the knee walker, grip the comfortable handles, and push yourself along with your free leg. You can also engage the hand breaks when you wish to stand and rest your knee on the knee walker`s padded knee rest. Some users also find the knee rest to be a convenient seat when they go out walking but need to take rests from time to time.

When you hire a knee walker from All-Set Rentals we can deliver your mobility equipment to you within 24 hours. We also have a Rent-to-Own option, so if you find you really like your hired knee walker and want to keep it, you can purchase it from us at a discount.