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Video Cameras

Hire Video and digital SLR Cameras in Perth from All-Set Rentals

Hire an HD video camera from All-Set Rentals. A 5 Minute Call & we set it up for you Tomorrow. Low Rates. 44 Years in Perth WA, Ph. 9379 7328

Rent to own a video camera

Sony HDRCX405 Full HD Flash Handycam

Available short term plus delivery
Available on a 6 mth min

Canon EOD 1500D Single EFS18-55III Lens Kit

Available on a 12 mth min
Available on a 36 mth min

Canon 200D Mark II DSLR

Available on a 12 mth min
Available on a 36 mth min

4 Cameras and 1 Base Station

Eufy Wireless Security Camera Kit

Available on a 12 mth min
Available on a 36 mth min

Do you have a special event coming up that you want to record? Are you an aspiring film maker? You should select a video camera for hire from All-Set Rentals in Perth, WA. We have high quality video recording equipment for you to hire at reasonable prices.
Also, if you choose to go with video camera equipment for hire instead of buying, you can always use top quality equipment. Top quality video recording equipment can be very expensive to buy, and if you do buy a video camera, you are stuck with it. You know how quickly technology changes. In no time your camera will be out of date and the images and sound you capture will not be as good as they could be.  You don`t want to record your family and friends` special moments with a lesser quality video camera: what a waste! You could have high quality video and audio recordings to watch anytime you feel nostalgic, not poor quality recordings you won`t enjoy watching, by hiring instead.
Rent video camera equipment in Perth, WA, from All-Set Rentals, and start recording superior quality film. Just give us a call and we can set you up with the right equipment for your needs and budget.