J20 Scout Mobility Scooter

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J20 Scout Mobility Scooter

The J20 Scout is perfect for zipping around while recovering from an injury or mobilizing a visiting parent or friend with mobility needs.

A trip to the shops or a leisurely afternoon at the art gallery the Scout is a great mobility option. It folds down to go in the boot of the car, unlike the j30 the scout does not break apart so two people will be needed to lift it in and out of the car. It weighs 41kg.

The Scout has a fantastically small turning circle so is perfect for use indoors as well as on footpaths; it excels on flat sealed surfaces of all kinds.

The scout is fast (compared to traditional mobility scooters) going 10kph in standard mode and up to 15kph in high speed mode.

With the scout you can take the dog for a run, do some shopping and zip around the house with a range of 30km between charges. 

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