iWalk2.0 Crutch Alternative

iWalk2.0 Crutch Alternative

For Sale $240 or split over 4 payments of $60.

The Long John Silver ( iWalk2.0 Magic crutch) is a hands free crutches revolution. Don’t let a lower leg injury cramp your style.  Better than walking with crutches if you have a broken ankle.  Strap on this practical and piratical peg leg and get on with your day.

We can show you how to adjust the crutch for your high and size and instruct you in the use of the magic crutch. You can sit stand and walk with just a few minutes practice.                                          

The Long John Silver will be right for you if…

  1. You are between 147cm and 198cm see chart for specific leg length limits.
  2. You weigh 125kg or less.
  3. Maximum thigh circumference (at top of leg) is 28” (71cm) or less.
  4. You could walk normally before your injury.  

*Warning: listening to sea shanties while using this mobility aid often results in dancing a jig.

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